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Meetings matter more now than ever…Despite the proliferation of globally-connecting- social-networking tools, face-to-face meetings are becoming more, not less critical in our professional lives. We have built our rolodexes electronically. And we now need to meet all of our digital contacts face to face. Meetings are the venue for translating our electronic connections into real ones. …so why are they mired in an analog world?All of the good stuff either gets buried, lost, or perishes. Instead of swapping contact information with our mobile phones, we are stuf?ng cards in our pockets. Instead of digitally tracking people, presentations, and products, we’re scouring the bottoms of our brief cases for the notes we made. Instead of getting all of the relevant links, images, twitters, and blog posts aggregated for us, we have to scrounge all over the web to hunt them down. Instead of assembling a digital trip report that includes everything we thought was important, we have to go home and try to reconstruct our experiences. And shrinking travel budgets mean fewer chances for face-to-face meetings. Meetings matter now more than ever before.


Welcome to SWIFT

SWIFT is a revolutionary new web platform designed to add value and productivity to conferences, trade shows, and other meetings. SWIFT uses the latest tools like blogging, tagging, podcasting, and social networking to streamline meeting preparation, simplify the sharing of multi-media content, build content-rich communities, and open potent new marketing channels before, during, and after the live event. You set up work?ows for each of the key stakeholders at your event – participants, administrators, speakers, and sponsors – and SWIFT prompts your users with email reminders to add their content to the SWIFT platform, in SWIFT, work?ow is converted into social media. You can track any information or ?le related to the conference within SWIFT; tracked items can be annotated with notes and tags. Once you have tracked something – person, session, sponsor, or media – it is aggregated under a unique URL which forms the “trip report” for the meeting which can then be shared. SWIFT also aggregates conference activity in a mini feed: a continually updated digest of all tracked items, along with a “social stream” of del.icio.us tags, blog posts, twitters, ?ickr photos, and comments on any items. During the conference, you can use your mobile phone to add tracked items to your SWIFT pro?le. SWIFT pulls all of this information together under a unique URL in the form of a digital trip report which can be shared among friends, social networks, and organizations. SWIFT also creates a “collective” view of the conference and can identify “hot spots” – topics, people, products that can be used to sustain interest in the form of webinars, podcasts, and other community events. Everything within SWIFT is exportable so that you can bring the value you gained at the conference home and continue to build and maintain relationships with people, ideas, and products of importance.

SWIFT Benefits

Each conference in SWIFT forms the center of an active, year round online community: an expanding network of prospective and registered participants, speakers, and exhibitors where workflows are managed more efficiently, media is stored and shared easily, and entirely new marketing channels are created.Swift Helps speakers and participants better prepare for events with improved communication, scheduling tools, and simple sharing of media. The result is a more well-organized and valuable event.SWIFT uses the latest mobile-to-web technologies to enable simple networking and tracking of key people, products, and ideas.  Data collected in SWIFT is easily exported to other social networks and email.SWIFT represents an entirely new form of marketing for show exhibitors who compete for customer attention during the live event.  With SWIFT sponsors and exhibitors are embedded as active participants in the SWIFT network.

Stakeholder Benefits
Participants Better access to mediaBetter online community
Organizers Better workflowBetter marketing New business value in niche social networks and online communities.
Speakers Better ExposureBetter workflowBetter publishing and information sharing
Exhibitors/Sponsors Better access to customersNew marketing channels
SWIFT For All UsersSocial Stream: del.icio.us, twitter, slides uploaded, new registrations, people tracked.User generated content: Blogs, comments, ratings, Tags, Notes, Profile. Tracking of People and content.Automatic “Live” personalized trip reports.For administratorsMaintain control of content with editorial tools, featured content selection, and inappropriate content handling.Enter, modify, upload, manage a conference schedule, agenda, tracks, etc.Invite and manage speakers, coordinate their milestones, send out notices.Metrics: traffic as well as votes and tracking. Customizable style and terminology for each conference.Define and manage sponsor levels. Features For speakersReminders for providing and approval of slides.Who is attending my session, how popular is it?Conference ProducersDatabase of conferences.Initiate, create, schedule, modify and assign permissions for new conferences and conference series.Registration and profile database for attendees and sponsors across multiple conferences.Social Networking“Tracking” of sessions, speakers and other attendees - on web and via mobile phone.What is that user tracking, who else is tracking that speaker, who else is coming?Leader boards: what are the most tracked sessions, speakers, affiliations, people?TechnologySoftware as a Service (SAAS) on hosted server installation.Delivered to any web browser or web-capable device.RSS, ATOM, REST, FOAF, ROR, MYSQL.
Become a Visionary

We are currently seeking a group of forward-thinking partners in the conference, trade show, and professional meeting business who want to join usin developing SWIFT. Bene?ts of membership include: 
  • Either convertible debt in SMN or discounted licensing fees in the SWIFT platform.
  • Participation in the feature set for SWIFT v2, as well as the product road map.
  • Meeting fellow innovators at an annual meeting.

To schedule a demo or discuss terms, please contact Kathleen Gilroy at:SWIFT MEDIA NETWORKS147 Magazine Street Cambridge, MA 02139T: 616-491-4535 Email: kathleenceo@gmail.com 


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